Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEPALI DONS Walking on the edge

Over the last couple of years, criminal activities have surged to an amazing level like never before. Serious crime like kidnapping for ransom and contract killing has become quite common in the country. The police seem helpless because most of the leaders of the organized criminal gangs work under the direct patronage of political parties. This is confirmed that no criminal gangs can stay alive without political parties’ back support. The fact is that the moment police arrest a high value target, the political leaders start putting pressure on police to release the criminal. Unfortunately, the same political leaders, in public gathering, speak about peace and security in the country. In true words Nepali political parties are playing double roles.
If notorious criminals like Dipak Manange, Kumar Ghaite, Chakre, Rajendra Gorkhali, Ganesh Lama, Bagh Bahadur Lama, Sajan Maharjan, Dinesh Adhikari (Chari), Chandra Lama Tamang, Saroj Thapa, Sujan Paudel, Bishow Kranti Singh and Tejendra Gurung had not received the blessings from political parties, they would have received long term jail. These notorious Dons do not spend much time in the jail. By the blessings of political leaders, they are released on bail.
                Dinesh Adhkari (Chari) is not only foremost Don of Nepal; he is also vice president of UML Dhading-1. Chari has a long list of crime despite that UML has taken no disciplinary action against him.
Ganesh Lama is the central committee member of Democratic Forum (led by Bijay Gachhedar). Lama had already been arrested for his involvement in criminal activities. Similarly Ghaite flexes his muscle under the patronage of Nepali Congress, Nuwakot.
                However, very recently the Central Investigation Bureaucracy (CIB) and Metropolitan City Police have jointly vowed to eliminate the network of major criminals. To do this a list of criminals has been prepared. And they have been put in three grades A, B and C. Most wanted and serious criminals are listed in ‘A’ grade.
                AIG Kuber Singh Rana of Metropolitan City said that the police have already started working on all fronts to destroy any criminal activities in the Kathmandu valley and other prominent cities across the country.
                “We keep an eye on the activities of all listed criminals. We will not give them any room to commit crime. We will take immediate action against them only if they breach peace and tranquility in the society, said Rajendra Singh Bhandari, DIG of CIB.

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